FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2018

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>> And in Parliament on Monday, she faced noisy jeers as she tried to thank Johnson and Davis for their service>> To pay tribute to my right honorable friends.>>
aving storm clouds gathering over the British Prime Minister's plans for Brexit.>>
But on Friday the Prime Minister had emerged from a crunch meeting with her cabinet to declare that her ministers were now united.>> We've had good in-depth, detailed discussions today. Crucially what we have agreed is the creation of a UK EU free trade area>> Clearly Johnson and Davis disagreed.
And in a resignation statement, Johnson warned Britain will end up like a colony of the EU after Brexit. Indeed many Euro skeptics accuse May of betraying her promise to pursue a clean break with the EU. With these two protest resignations, a noisy rebellion among the ranks of her Conservative Party could gather steam.
Britain's Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn said the resignation show a government in crisis.
>> It is clear this government cannot secure a good deal for Britain.>> That's right.>> Now the exposed Prime Minister potentially faces more challenges to her authority or even calls to quit. Her spokesman said on Monday that she fight any attempt to oust her, and that she's sticking by her plan for Brexit.
She's appointed Health Minister Jeremy Hunt as the new Foreign Secretary.>> Hello, I'm Jeremy.>> And Brexit campaigner Dominic Robb to replace Davis. And with less than nine months until the UK leaves, they've got some work to do.