FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2018

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>> The future has maybe arrived on London streets. And for £340,000, or $443,000, you too can fly. The jet suit, created by a British former commodities trader, is now on sale at a London department store. it's made up of five micro jet engines on the pilot's arms and back.
>> They run on jet fuel, but you can also run them on diesel. You create a bit of blue smoke when you're shutting down, but they work perfectly well on diesel. Other than that, you're charging some little lithium batteries, which are what stats the engines, and that's it.
>> Some compare it to Marvel superhero Iron Man. But if you will think it will help the morning commute, you'll need to work close to home. It only has a flying time of three to four minutes. Another version can fly for up to nine minutes on a cold day when you get more thrust.
Something the inventor is looking to improve. The pack can do 32 miles per hour, or 52 kilometers, with an altitude limit of 12,000 feet, nearly 4,000 meters. Although its inventor hovers only just above the ground for safety reasons.>> I would sort of demystify this in the sense a bit like buying a very high-end super car or maybe a sports motor bike.
A sports motor bike, if you abuse it, it can cause you a problem very quickly. The same with this. If you're sensible with it, it doesn't have to be very dangerous at all.>> The curious can see the suit at Southbridges in London. And anyone who decides to buy one will be offered training.
As to what it feels like to fly, Richard Browning says the heat from the engine strangely blows away, and it's surprisingly calm and not very violent.