FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2018

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>> Three Californias? It's not meant to be at least for now. The California Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered that a measure proposing to split the State into three separate States be kept off the ballot in November. The court saying, it acted. Because quote, significant questions have been raised regarding the proposition's validity.
Known as Cal 3, the proposition had initially received the green light from state officials in June. Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper had been pushing the idea and his team had gathered more than 600,000 signatures to move the proposal forward. In an interview with Reuters last month, he argued that the state was too big to govern efficiently.
>> It's sort of rotting. California when I grew up here, we were number one. Best place to do business, number one in education. Number one all the way across the board, beautiful weather. We still have the beautiful weather, but we're now 47th in education. We are the worst place to do business.
You ever asked yourself, why are all the businesses leaving California?>> On Wednesday, he criticized the court decisions saying, quote, the establishment doesn't wanna find out how many people don't like the way California is being governed. Opponents have said that a breakup which would be the first since West Virginia and Virginia split up during the Civil War would be a waste of California's taxpayer dollars, and create chaos among its public services.