FIRST AIRED: July 8, 2015

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the renegade world leader of the moments greece's alexis c. press up in front of the european parliament trying to save his nation from economic ruin sippers telling members who present sweeping reform proposals by the end of the week a deadline already laid down by his ears are paying losses he also pleaded for a fair deal to keep grease in the year i've , vehicle may we demands an agreement with our neighbors bots one which gives us a sign that we are on a long lasting basis exiting from the crisis which will demonstrate that there is light at the end of the tunnel and then you but if you force , the prime minister still riding a wave of popular support off to greece voted no to austerity , fellow leftists an anti e. u. members of the far right enjoying his performance in strasbourg , but back home the pressure is on the , reuters deeper babington is watching events from athens , give him , powers and associates and that's ideal for greeks that it would allow him to go and say you know we want to deal with i was the kind of hysteria that you're asking for and greeks things have really taken that to heart i think that's part of why the referendum victory on sunday was bigger than what was expected in the polls problem here though is that that week of capital controls and capital controls continuing now with i'm shot has made things even worse for greece and its first and back in terms of %HESITATION fiscal targets on it's sort of a blow to the economy so now credits as will be demanding even more reforms they'll even demanding tougher reforms war measures just to compensate for where grace is gone in the last couple weeks greece's lodged a formal request for a loan from the eurozone special support fund and if any new reforms is seen as viable e. u. officials may recommend opening talks with athens to stop grease from crashing out of the block , all twenty eight leaders from the european union and now meeting on sunday to discuss the new proposals and the site the country's fate