FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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the british call it a u. turn the greeks called it a color tomba or some assault alexis tsipras greece's prime minister has gone back on a lot of his opposition to bailouts in the harsh conditions , and he's putting to his parliament this morning a request to support him in applying for a new bailout loan i'm paul taylor roaches european affairs editor in brussels , where leaders are going to be meeting this weekend to decide on greece's faith in the euro zone while the latest greek proposal as a striking similarity , to the proposals that greece walked away from the end of june and then formally rejected in a national referendum last weekend it involves tax increases measures to save money on pensions measures to stop people retiring so early and defense cuts by two thousand and sixteen all of things that greece had previously refused in many countries politicians in order to succeed end up having to eat that hot it's a point where a politician having made big promises is mugged by reality , finds a way of settling up and writing the tiger that's what %HESITATION alexis tsipras is trying to do now in greece finance ministers the eurozone meet tomorrow they will by then have a recommendation from the three credits her institutions if they see a basis for negotiation then they will recommend to our heads of state and government who meet on sunday the opening of negotiations on alone for grease and then crucially , some short term funding , found , show on the road for the next few weeks , until that loan agreement can be reached