FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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fineness twenty years ago the united states really spy photographs aerial photographs of what they thought were suspected mass graves here in this village in bosnia and noble costs of a i was a reporter then for the christian science monitor and i used to copy of those photographs to come here to nova casa and try to find the graves , it was here closer to the river , we spent two hours looking around this area trying to find the mass graves themselves there was some areas of fresh thinking over there in an adjoining field we found empty ammunition boxes and shards of paper one of them was a high school diploma that actually belong to a bosnian muslim who'd been executed but we didn't find a definitive proof until we came here to this small area we came down the hill and it was a very fresh digging right here and jutting out of the ground , that was a decaying human leg , there was a femur jutting into the air , the story of what i found here i'm confirmed what bosnian muslim and had been saying for weeks , that mass executions occurred around srebrenica even after finding this i thought maybe there were hundreds of victims but we know twenty years later isn't over eight thousand bosnian month muslim men and boys , were executed here around srebrenica twenty years ago , twenty years later these grades have been exhumed thousands of victims of been identified but there's growing denial among bosnian serbs about what happened here just this week russia vetoed a u. n. security council resolution calling the massacre here genocide , the serbs and the russian backers insist this was not a genocide , the proof is overwhelming , twenty years later it's a huge disappointment to come back , still have this atrocity , debated