FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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nnnnn the obama administration makes its case against critics of a nuclear deal with iran i'm jeff mason with reuters at the white house after having it sit down exclusive interview with susan rice there will be no on sanctions relief %HESITATION unless and until iran fulfills all of the steps that it needs to take dismantle two thirds of a it's a , it's got to get rid of , ninety eight percent of its uranium stockpile , scott allow %HESITATION continuous an extraordinary access to its nuclear facilities specifically she said that iran would have , play ball if united states or other international allies raise concerns , about sites with in iran that would require further inspection , whether it's a military site or not the i a e. a if it's , deems aside suspicious can ask for access to it so there no limitations , on the type of facility that can be accessed that would not just be a request that they can consider it's one that they would have to comply with after this twenty four day period which is a controversial part of the deal given iran's history is not likely that they would have sometime in that period to hide at least some evidence of suspicious activity before the inspectors arrived given the nature of the materials were talking about which are highly radioactive any residual %HESITATION would be detectable for many many hatches days but months and years thereafter so they can't hide the evidence of that in any meaningful way so now the white house will have to take its case from here to capitol hill