FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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nnnnn as greece goes so go the markets stocks on wallstreet rising wednesday as greek prime minister alexis tsipras signaled he was ready to accept most of the bailout term separate creditors with conditions after greece defaulted on a loan from the i. m. f. but lenders rejected his conditions and citrus quickly changed his tune knocking the wind out of what began as a rambunctious rally reuters markets editor david geffen now wouldn't up happening though today is that the greek prime minister just came out and gave a pretty fiery speech basically saying , i want you to reject this we're going to reject the bail out let's say yes to a forward solution , thing which really doesn't , it kind of put the kibosh on the , right direction , put everybody , square one , that defiant speech adding to the turmoil of recent days which has seen banks close across greece as the bailout expired the next big test likely sunday when greece hold a referendum on creditor's demands , whenever you talk to people about what's going to happen with any one of these events involving greece people love to tell you that it's priced in and i'm going to say that i am a who says it's priced in should just not be listened to it all because then we see a panic gavin says if greek voters reject the bail out u. s. markets are likely to go through a volatile rough patch but will ultimately bounce back unlike the eurozone which could be hurting for sometime to come