FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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the charleston shooting suspect dylan roof should have never been allowed to buy a gun that sort friday from f. b. i. director james comey who says a series of bureaucratic screw ups in the background checking process allowed the murder suspect to get its hands on a weapon , lindsay dunsmuir is covering the story for writers the way it works is that the f. b. i. runs kind of the background checks for about thirty states including south carolina but essentially what happened was %HESITATION the the the individual they've examined during the background check %HESITATION when she brought up %HESITATION dylan useful , show to drugs %HESITATION felony charge but showed the wrong %HESITATION agency has having arrested him when she went to get clarity in the charge she couldn't find the correct agency who arrested him and therefore didn't see that roof admitted to possessing drugs , you would have barred him from buying the weapon back in april , the twenty one year old is charged with killing nine people with a forty five caliber handgun on june seventeenth at a church in charleston south carolina , f. b. i. director comey saying quote we are all sick this happened , we wish we could turn back time