FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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a new batch of the highly anticipated hillary clinton emails released by the u. s. state department tuesday revealing her insecurities , to being appointed secretary of state back in two thousand and nine writers editor karen bowen is following the story there's this one email where she writes to one of her top aides and says i heard on the radio there's a catch , and i invited to it are my age going to it arm so it's it's kind of interesting hillary clinton , who's been a public figure for so long on , secretary of state and she is worried that she's going to be shot out of a meeting emails also highlight her reliance on informal adviser sidney blumenthal who weighed in on issues ranging from british politics to iran , even gave clinton some guidance and public speaking but blumenthal was not employed by the u. s. government concerns emails with blumenthal could hurt her two thousand sixteen presidential bid republicans want to highlight his influence over her decisions on libya as the country descended into chaos in two thousand