FIRST AIRED: July 13, 2015

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seventeen hours of haggling that ran through the nights then after months of frayed tempers and missed deadlines and agreements between greece and its lenders but it's far from a clean victory for prime minister alexis c. press , as which is european affairs at the tip pool taylor explains it took so long because this required mister chip price essentially , to abandon the promises that he made when he %HESITATION campaign for election in january that he would put an end to austerity gemini the biggest contributor to the bailouts house earlier meted degrees take a time out from the year is saying , chancellor angela merkel says a deal was achieved , despite the loss of the most of valuable currency trust , verizon also begins with a paper states the top the trust has to be restored that those responsible and grace must take responsibility to implement everything we decided he on , prime minister alexis c. press making a several compromises and they're all strict conditions attached to the a. c. six of billion euro bailout the opposite seems days agreement keats greece in the state of financial stability it gives the possibilities for recovery it will however at the in agreement whose implementation will be difficult , six a sweeping measures including spending cuts tax hikes on pension reforms must be enacted by wednesday nights and the entire package indoors to five parliament's before further discussions can take place , and he is likely to face trouble at home greece's labor minister says the terms are unviable and lead to new elections this year , the greek censoring the third week of bank closures knees of a deal likely to bring relief the majority of greeks it said they wanted to remain in the year i with greg's it's off the table for now the country's being pulled back from the brink of financial collapse