FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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no matter what happens the crucial talks in vienna ron's nuclear program will rule on and deal or no deal one big question will remain waiters energy reporter uganda toward body neurons activities now enable it in the future to obtain a bomb iran nuclear program revolves around two sites natanz and for duo so nuts hondas where iran has most of its centrifuges and since that %HESITATION uranium is used , fuel on %HESITATION nuclear reactors , %HESITATION said it's used for for energy , and that the main site of concern is for joe and it's near the city of palm and says this is where iran historically was producing medium and rich all uranium up to twenty percent on purity if you and richard just a bit more %HESITATION to ninety percent on that we can then be used for on nuclear weapons passed that threshold it doesn't take long to make a bomb and six major powers at the table want iran to stay a full year away from making a bomb a deal would do that by cutting back the centrifuges that enrich uranium and allowing inspections anytime and anywhere , now many of these nuclear facilities are run by ron's military and armed forces , iran supreme leader has said that he doesn't want foreigners %HESITATION having access to ron's military sites , so the question is what international inspectors have access to nuclear sites iran has long denied it has any program to make a nuclear bomb screw are not the u. s. and its negotiating partners want to make sure it stays that way