FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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talks to rain any runs nuclear program continue in vienna and if a deal is reached after thursday a skeptical u. s. congress will get more time to potentially unravel it patricia zing early is following the story from capitol hill if the negotiators missed the deadline if there is no deal by midnight washington time , on thursday , that review period devils from thirty days to see , gives opponents of the deal more time to write up ads to lobby , congress for the public perhaps two way and for the media battle to take place if a deal is reached congress has the ability to vote on something called a resolution of disapproval of congress passes one and manages to override a veto from president obama , that means that obama would no longer , to waive any of the sanctions that the u. s. congress has voted to impose on it , which means the deal would be dead , question is whether there would be enough votes to override a presidential veto in the senate there a couple of republicans senator jeff flake of arizona is one , in the house there several republicans they say that they would rather an attempt to negotiate a diplomatic solution , then anything that might risk war to keep iran from developing a bomb lawmakers from both sides of the aisle seat to get their approval and any deal would have to allow nuclear inspectors twenty four seven access to your ron's nuclear facilities and have your rod reveal any prior work to a nuclear bomb