FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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critics are voting on sunday in a high stakes referendum that will decide whether greece becomes the first nation to leave the euro currency i'm deeper babington chief correspondent for reuters increase , no matter what the outcome of the referendum seems likely to be tougher greece in the coming months announced because if there is a yes vote i'm european creditors have set the grease can go back to the negotiating table and probably gets a new eight agreement bots prime minister alexis tsipras has quite clearly said that in such a case he would likely step down not means in new parrot of political uncertainty for greece i'm in such a case the president will likely called political party leaders try to cobble together a national unity government a so called national salvation government not government would be tasked with keeping negotiations running with credits as such keeping grease afloat until %HESITATION elections could be held now september is cited as a possible month elections in such a case on the other hand if greeks decided to vote no if they basically and said prime minister c. process called to reject what he calls a national humiliation then %HESITATION greece would face even more uncertainty i. c. press has said that we can go back to the negotiating table and demand a better deal on the other hand creditors upset that's really not an option they would take and no votes from greece as %HESITATION a rejection of the euro as a rejection of engagement with creditors %HESITATION and they say there's very little they can do in that case to help raise and so that means a lot of uncertainty about what's next for agrees i'm gregory's goes from here and the big question on everyone's mind is does not mean the beginning of the end off the euro for greece