FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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the i. m. f. in berlin are locked in a game of chicken about greece's debt , the global linda says greece come afford to pay its debts back and needs a right down , that in berlin size at least for now is unthinkable , i'm paul taylor roaches european affairs editor in brussels where european officials are scratching around for short term funding to bridge greece's needs while this long term debt negotiation gets underway , william f. report says that greece's economy has deteriorated so much in the last couple of weeks , that its debt is now highly unsustainable that's the i. m. f. speak for saying it could never be paid back , so they're saying the europeans really have three options facing them , either they give greece are big write downs what the i. m. f. coals deep up front haircuts and it's wonderful language , or else they could , stretch out greece's debts into the almost in in indefinite future by giving them thirty years holiday on any debt repayments before they have to start %HESITATION servicing that debt , well germany is insisting that i have caught would be illegal under e. under e. u. treaties , because it's unlikely that it will be derailed a whole deal at this stage but there may come a point when the need to ground debt relief on a large scale a becomes a sticking point where the i. m. f. says we won't be in unless you do that and the europeans say we can't do that because it's illegal %HESITATION and in the end it the only solution would be then in some way for greece to leave the eurozone either temporarily or permanently