FIRST AIRED: July 13, 2015

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yeah combating islamic state from british soil arms drones and spy planes push to the top with david cameron's defense spending wishlist , the u. k. prime minister looking to boost the number of unmanned aircraft flown from operation hubs in lincoln share , because we got a strong economy we can now make the commitment , spending more over above inflation on defense as much potential is six billion pounds more , between now and twenty twenty and that will make sure that britain is safe a british people to safer we defeat , for instance the scourge of islamist extremism is doing so much damage to a world and slash damage to our country , u. k. michi spending now guaranteed it two percent of g. d. p. to twenty twenty and amount few expected before last wednesday's budget cameron voicing his shopping list ahead of a defense spending review , june in the autumn is looking to respond to extremism at home and abroad as well as a resurgent russia , the prime minister also wants consideration given to healthy you case new aircraft carrier jew in twenty twenty could be used alongside foreign and loans to project power and take the fight to i. s. , that so well the threat there is a real impressing seeking more immediate action cameron is pushing for air strikes over syria opposition leader hurried home and he's been invited by the prime minister to a high level security meeting , he will hope she leaves sharing his conviction the british drones and jets now bom syrian targets