FIRST AIRED: July 7, 2015

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%HESITATION when a kid islamic state trying to expand its influence beyond iraq and syria and now into egypt i'm worn strobel diplomatic correspondent with reuters egypt is one of the closest u. s. security allies in the middle east and now it faces a grave and growing threat from islamic state affiliated militants , u. s. officials have been worried for a month's about signs that there was an islamic state affiliate growing in the sinai but things really blew up within the last week or two when violence killed and hundred or more people in the sinai region which is just a couple of hours drive from the capital cairo the affiliate in egypt has renamed itself the sinai province and they have pledged allegiance to islamic state and now each of security forces and counter attack using apache helicopters and ground troops even though u. s. president barack obama says the united states is making progress against islamic state we will persevere for others who say that in fact islam stays expanding faster than the united states and its allies can keep up , so this fighting in the sinai also poses a threat early severe concern for another u. s. ally israel , sinai is %HESITATION very close to israel geographically and out within the last day or two some rockets allegedly fired by islamic state fighters landed in israel of great concern to israeli leaders many lawmakers in the u. s. congress would like obama to be more aggressive they say his strategy is moving too slowly and the song state now has affiliates in afghanistan libya nigeria with this expanding number of affiliates some terrorism experts now say that islamic state has become a worse threat that al qaeda was ten years ago , the pressure on obama to act is growing