FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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nnnnn an intense manhunt under way in central mexico to track down the country's top drug lord in a daring escape joaquin guzman's also known as el chapel or shorty broke out of a high security prison saturday and is on the run reuters correspondent gabriel start garter is in mexico city sonny putting ourselves to try and make sure he saw , throughout the night , by the , soldiers or police officers are involved in such , they are implying that it is a very widespread and got that looking from everywhere they possibly could authorities say guzman's crawled through a mile long tunnel boots right under the shower area of his cell and emerged bein abandoned property near the local town west of the capital inside the five feet tall passageway guards found a ladder a motorbike on rails probably used to remove the soil as well as equipment to ventilate the channel signs that %HESITATION chapel may have had some help on the inside it's a mathematical if such a person i can be undertaken without some form of help or at least knowledge that it was taking place does a gap that takes place on the prison cameras with him when he was in the shower when he went missing and when the public was alerted so that will be a key area the government will need to reload out on to get some information on a chapter one of the world's legendary crime bosses is also wanted by washington he was the head honcho of the senate lower cartel which smuggled billions of dollars worth of drugs into the u. s. , i thought vicious turf wars with other mexican gangs whose months escape for a second time a major black eye for president then and yet so who vowed to crackdown on drug gangs but , office in two thousand twelve the mexican government set thirty prison officials are being interrogated by specialized organized crime unit