FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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days after handing president obama historic wins on both healthcare and seem sex marriage the supreme court this week signaling its next term could be every bit as of that fall but this time obama may have reason to worry the court announcing will take up a potentially landmark affirmative action case and in an ominous move for abortion rights supporters the court indicated admiral on a strict new taxes abortion law florence hurley says liberal shouldn't be lulled by the recent rulings in their favor liberals would have cause to be concerned on this is still less conservative leaning court %HESITATION , some of the issues that , the race and %HESITATION abortion you know could be on the docket , and one of the most high profile is it is a new challenge to affirmative action in university admissions , is the case filed by a woman from texas who tried to get into the university of texas at austin , a white woman was rejected and she claims that was unfair if the court rules in your favor it could have sweeping implications for affirmative action programs around the country , in the texas abortion case that the court ruled five four this week to put the new law on hold indications of the quote my end up taking my case next term as well and i'll be the first time the court has ruled on abortion since two thousand seven it would require abortion clinics to have costly hospital great facilities critics say the true aim of the law is to shut the clinics down with such divisive cases coming up president obama has even more of a reason to celebrate his court wins while he can they're going to be ups and they're going to be dance