FIRST AIRED: July 14, 2015

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nnnnn after twelve years of stop stop talks now at last a new chapter of hope that's how he runs foreign minister is describing the deal made with major powers which will see sanctions on tehran lifted and its nuclear program ranging well this justin breaking news of regarding with restrictions eased across all fields including investment in oil and gas cash could now potentially pour into iran , reuters breaking views admitted us explains where it might go most obviously they'll spend the money on increasing g. d. p. increasing exports of oil increasing imports of , zoomer and medical industrial goods , on how willing to spend the money some people worry that they'll spend it to support terrorism , that seems to me unlikely because one of the goals of the iranian president , and the iranian government right now is to gain respect in the world , western leaders say they'll be extremely vigilant on how the country uses the newly found financial resources , critics of the deal including most gulf arab governments worry that iran will instead look to expand its influence across the region israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the country has received a short puff to nuclear weapons at us disagrees , iran will be integrated into the community of nations that's the important thing , won't be making a nuclear bomb but i don't think it will ever really intended to what he is trying to do is to be respected and fully confident member of the international community that means it will become more prosperous that means will produce more oil that means we hope that it will become a more constructive political force , under the agreement roms nuclear facilities will remain operational but any sign of dodgy dealings and a snapback mechanism will see sanctions reinstated within two months