FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2018

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>> President Trump still has Scott Pruitt's back, at least for now. Trump was asked Thursday if he still had confidence in the embattled head of the EPA who is weathering multiple ethics scandals including his ties to an energy lobbyist and allegations of being cavalier with taxpayers' money. Trump's response, I do.
>> The White House says it's pleased with Pruitt's work to roll back environmental rules to appease car markers in the oil and gas industry, but that it'll look into reports that Pruitt rented an apartment from the wife of a lobbyist. Under increasing political fire, the EPA head gave an interview to Fox News Wednesday, where he appeared defensive and testy.
>> President Trump said he would drain the swamp. Is draining the swamp renting an apartment from the wife of a Washington lobbyist?>> I don't think that that's even remotely fair to ask that question.>> Of course having the full confidence of the President doesn't equate job security.
Take Rex Tillerson.>> He has full confidence in the Secretary of State.>> Who was fired five months later. Or General H.R. McMaster.>> Do you have full confidence in your National Security Advisor?>> Yes, I do.>> Who was fired seven months later. In addition to renting out a room from the wife of a lobbyist, Pruitt drew heat for expensive trips to Morocco and Italy last year, as well as the revelation he and his security detail frequently fly first class.