FIRST AIRED: April 9, 2018

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>> After a hero's welcome in the United States, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince is facing a tougher crowd in France. Major deals were signed and Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for Mohammad Bin bin Salman, but as he arrives in Paris, thorny issues like Iran and the war in Yemen have taken precedent over the pomp.
The French-Saudi relationship is more strained under President Emanuel Macron. For example, a tourism project between the two countries will be announced, but the Crown Prince is not expected to clinch any mega deals like we saw in the US or Britain. French officials dismissed this as a sign of a weakening relationship, saying instead that they're seeking a new method of working with Riyadh that doesn't depend on eye-catching new partnerships.
There are other conflict points, the 32-year-old prince has emphasized closer ties with Donald Trump, at the same time as Macron has tried to improve relations with Saudi's arch enemy, Iran. Trump has said he's considered scrapping the Iran nuclear deal, while Macron has vowed to preserve it. The visit also coincides with pressure at home for Macron to suspend French arm sales to the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.
While it would be all smiles in public, it would likely be tough talking in private.