FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2018

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>> New York Police shot and killed a black man who pointed a metal pipe at them on Wednesday. Police say, that was after emergency callers said the man was pointing a firearm at pedestrians. Authorities told reporters that three plain clothes officers and one in uniform shot ten times after the man took a two handed shooting stance and pointed an object at police in Brooklyn.
>> Officers immediately rendered aide to the suspect and requested an ambulance. The suspect was transported to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounce deceased. This is a photo of the object that was recovered from the male. A pipe with some sort of a knob on the end of it.
This was not an emotionally disturbed call. This was a call of a man pointing what 911 calls and people felt was a gun at people on the street.>> It's not a crime! You murdered him!>> Video posted to social media afterward showed a crowd gathered on the street after the shooting.
Some yelled oppressors as they faced down officers standing on the other side of police tape. The shooting comes after several police killings of unarmed black men in the US. They've triggered street protests and sparked a national debate about bias in the American criminal justice system recently including Sacramento, California.
In that incident, officers shot dead 22 year old Stefan Clark in his grandmother's backyard on March 18th. They were responding to a report of someone breaking windows. Officers feared he had a gun, but police say he was found to have been holding a cellphone.