FIRST AIRED: April 15, 2018

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>> As Syria sifts through the rubble, after US, French and British forces struck Syrian government targets in retaliation for a reported chemical weapons attack. Questions are still swirling over the assault's effectiveness and long term impact. On Sunday, Syrian state television showed President Bashar al-Assad meeting with Russian lawmakers, telling them he was in a good mood.
Syria's government Twitter account on Saturday posted a short video of the President arriving for work, following the strikes, as though nothing were amiss. Sources tell Reuters, the Syrians were ready for the attack.>> Reuters is quoting a senior official in the coalition that backs Assad Hussein, saying that they got an early tip off from the Russians that the strikes were coming, and were able to evacuate, and there was limited damage.
>> The Pentagon, on Saturday, said the strikes hit Syrian government centers for the research and production of chemical weapons near the cities of Damascus and Homs.>> They've lost a lot of equipment, they've lost a lot of material, and it's gonna have a significant effect on them. So I think the words crippled and degraded are good accurate words.
>> And President Trump on Saturday tweeted, mission accomplished. That post raised eyebrows. It's a phrase indelibly linked to this moment, President George W Bush aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier in 2003, just 42 days after US led coalition forces invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein. More than 4,000 American soldiers would die in the country in the following decade.
Trump's use of the phrase became immediate fodder for critics and analysts, who question the administration's long term policy.>> This is a little bit speculative, but it's quite likely, in the coming weeks and months, that Assadin may again do what he's allegedly done, and use chemical weapons against his own people, and then President Trump's gonna have to decide how to respond.
>> On Sunday, Trump tweeted, the Syria raid was so perfectly carried out with such precision, that the only way the Fake News Media could demean was by my use of the term, Mission Accomplished. I knew they would seize on this, but felt it is such a great military term, it should be brought back.
Use often.