FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2018

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>> Boeing could be in Beijing size, caught in the middle of trade threats between the US and China, the Boeing size will matter. China named American planes as one of the key US exports to be hit by $50 billion in tariffs. Most Boeing jets are too heavy, there's a weight limit for what gets taxed.
However, there's a problem, as Reuters' Jamie Freed reports, it's new jets may fall on either side of the line.>> Boeing has some documents available online that say the operating empty weight which includes somethings like even cabin crew of a 737 MAX 8 jet, which is the newest, most fuel efficient version of their narrow body, is 45,070 kilos.
That means it's 70 kilos above the limit. So, it's possible in other configurations it may weigh less than 45,000 kilograms. If it does apply to the newer aircraft that could become quite a big deal, is there are more than a hundred of those. And possibly a couple hundred on order depending on how you define the order book.
>> It's not only potentially bad news for Boeing, air travel has been growing in China, and its airlines have been on a buying spree. But if they've got standing orders with Boeing, there may not be easy alternatives.>> If you are an all Boeing Operator for example in the narrow body space, you would have to retrain your pilots and get new maintenance technicians trained, and you would have to get new spare parts and everything like that.
And that's costly and it takes a long time.>> On Wednesday after Beijing dropped the news of it's tariffs' targets, Boeing was the biggest drag on the markets, falling as low as 6%. The company said in a statement both the US and China have taken positions, that could harm the air industry around the globe.