FIRST AIRED: April 13, 2018

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>> I take a back seat to no one with my views.>> Democrats, Republicans and attendees.>> No Pompeo.>> Not letting CIA director Mike Pompeo off easy in his Thursday confirmation hearing. To become the Trump administration's next Secretary of State.>> Will you be a voice of reason, or will you support the President's worst instincts?
>> Leaders on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee challenged Trump's pick to replace Rex Tillerson, to tell them how or if he would stand up to the President with whom he has a close relationship.>> I think it's fair for our members to ask whether your relationship is rooted in a candid, healthy, give-and-take dynamic.
Or whether it's based on differential willingness, to go along to get along.>> Pompeo was seen in sharing more of Trump's world view than Tillerson. And like the President, strongly opposed the Iran nuclear deal.>> What is your view as to whether America should withdraw unilaterally from the Iran nuclear agreement?
>> The President's made it very clear what the Secretary of State's mission has been, and I expect no change to that.>> I didn't ask that. I asked what's your views?>> Yes, Senator, I've->> I understand that->> I've done that->> I wanna know your views-
>> Many times.>> Brought up early and often in the hearing was the Special Council's investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. And the President's recent anger over the raid of his lawyer's offices.>> I'm convinced that if the President were to fire the Special Council, that it would put the rule of law genuinely at risk.
If that were the case, and if that happened, would you resign your post as Secretary of State in order to demonstrate that we are a nation of laws, not of men?>> Senator, I haven't given that question any thought. My instincts tell me no. My instincts tell me that my obligation to continue to serve as America's senior diplomat will be more important at increased times of political domestic turmoil.
>> But Pompeo ultimately promised that he would be willing to break from the president if necessary. Saying he would take a tough line with Russia.>> Vladimir Putin has not yet received the message sufficiently, and we need to continue to work at that.