FIRST AIRED: April 3, 2018

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>> New dash cam video shared with the media on Monday showed the exact moment a patrol car struck a protestor in Sacramento over the weekend. The collusion came during a protest Saturday night over the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. Sacramento county sheriff Scott Jones says the patrol car was one of two vehicles that weren't part of the teams assigned to the protest, but were merely traveling through when they encountered the protesters.
>> They probably had an awareness, and I'm speculating, they probably had an awareness that there was going to be a protest near 65th and Floren, which is where it was talked about. They probably were completely surprised when they traveled and found it that active.>> Video from both vehicles showed protesters in the streets blocking traffic.
>> Back away from my vehicle.>> Both vehicles came to a stop as the protesters passed. When the first vehicle moved ahead, the second car followed, and that's when a woman identified by local media as Wanda Cleveland was hit. As the second car drove off, officials say it's back window was struck and shattered.
Jones says because of the amount of protestors, the driver was unlikely to have noticed Cleveland.>> There is a, at least from my view of the information, there is a high likelihood that he did not even know that he collided with that protestor. And certainly, the threat that he was facing was from his left side, as you can see clearly from the video, and his attention may have been directed there.
>> Cleveland was treated for minor injuries. An investigation is now underway, being led by California Highway Patrol, and Sacramento county's Inspector General.