FIRST AIRED: April 3, 2018

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was a fiery movement against Beijing's heavy hand, but in recent days the fight for Hong Kong's democracy has fizzled out.>> I feel helpless. As citizens, there's a limit in what we can do.>> As China tightens its grip on the city, Hong Kong's democracy movement is facing a crisis of confidence about its future.
Pro-democracy parties have been losing ground. Last month, they won only two of three seats they were expected to take easily in buy elections, and with it the power to block bills that may be pro-Beijing. Results showed a steep dip in voter turn out to support Democrats, as Reuter's James Ponfert reports, it's a troubling shift for the movement.
>> What we're seeing right now is this long sort of experiment in Hong Kong of Democrats, who are actually the only real opposition force allowed anywhere on Chinese soil. They've been struggling to keep their mojo in some ways. They're going up against a very slick, very well funded pro-establishment party entities, and they've not really managed to promote and push for democracy in Hong Kong.
>> Beijing, under President Xi Jinping has been increasingly dealing a hard line approach. But voters say they've lost enthusiasm.>> You've got the situation where the frustration has built up. The authorities have not allowed full democracy to be realized. And now, some of the voters have been getting frustrated by this.
They've been blaming the democrats. But I think ultimately, they have to realize that the rules have been rigged in some ways against the democrats, since the occupy central protests in 2014.>> Experts say, democrats will need some time to do some serious soul searching, if they hope to stand a chance against the opposition in 2020 elections.