FIRST AIRED: April 4, 2018

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>> And we are->> As President Trump at the White House rails against illegal immigration and border security->> Until we can have a wall and proper security, we're gonna be guarding our border with the military.>> At the border, the migrants keep coming.>>
]>> Like Edwin Valdez and for other Central American migrants,who illegally crossed into the United States one morning this week.
Walking through dense brush at a south Texas wildlife preserve, hoping to escape notice.>> Necessity forces people to leave their country, so they can give their families a better life. That's why people are willing to suffer through all of it. Because it's not easy to do this. You get lost, or walk without any food or water.
>> But Valdez soon ran into border patrol and was arrested along with dozens of others. Reuters correspondent Micah Rosenberg was there.>> We're actually in the Rio Grande Valley sector, which is one of the busiest illegal crossings across the United States-Mexico border. And we were out with the border patrol this morning, and just in the first few hours of their shift, they picked up almost 60 people crossing mostly from Central America but also from other countries, including China.
And they said this is a routine day, this is basically the traffic that they see everyday across this border.>> While the number of migrants coming into the US fell dramatically in the months after Trump took office, arrests have recently crept back up, especially among families and unaccompanied minors, a particular concern to border patrol.
Another pressing concern, a so-called caravan of migrants over a thousand people strong making their way through Mexico to the US. They're following a similar route as 27 year old Jose Romero, a migrant from Honduras, who traveled in the back of a cargo truck with his 8 year old daughter.
But he, too, was arrested upon arrival, a risk migrants seem increasingly willing to take.