FIRST AIRED: April 12, 2018

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>> US President Donald Trump said on Thursday, that a possible military strike on Syria could be very soon or not so soon at all. He tweeted, never said when an attack on Syria would take place. The message comes 24 hours after he warned Moscow and Damascus that American missiles aimed at Syria will be coming.
And three days after he promised a robust response to reports of a chemical weapons attack that killed at least 60 Syrians.>> It will be met, and it will be met forcefully.>> But so far, his administration has taken no direct military action against Syrian government forces. Suspected of carrying out the poison gas attack in the city of Douma over the weekend.
>> On Wednesday, the US Secretary of Defense said he had not yet seen enough evidence to blame Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, for the deaths in Douma.>> We're still assessing the intelligence, ourselves and our allies, we're still working on this.>> Is the US military ready right now to conduct a retalitory strike if ordered?
>> We stand ready to provide military options if their appropriate as the President determined.>> A chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians last year was met with rapid US missile strikes on Syrian government jets and air fields. This time, US officials told Reuters on Wednesday that Syria’s military has repositioned some of its aircraft inside hangars.
And next to Russian military hardware that Washington might be more reluctant to hit. Russia is the Syrian government's top military and political supporter. Earlier this week, a Russian ambassador said any US missiles aimed at Syria would be shot down. A US strike on Syrian government forces risks escalating into a conflict between America and Russia.
Donald Trump has said repeatedly he wants a better relationship with Russia's President, Vladimir Putin.