FIRST AIRED: April 8, 2018

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>> Investors already rattled by the prospects of President Trump's trade war with China got another reason to sell their stocks Friday morning. A job's report that showed the economy added 103,000 jobs, much less than economists predicted. After rallying for three days, the DOW dropped more than 600 points Friday.
The SNP and Nazdac also took hits. Reuters markets editor Dan Burns.>> Overall, job creation was the weakest in six months. But it comes immediately on the heels of a monster report that we'd gotten in February. So most investors, economists are really looking at the headline numbers and saying February stole a little bit from March where people are also focusing beyond the headline figure is on the wage growth.
So we did see an acceleration in wage growth in March.>> That growth adding to the conversation that wage growth is going in the direction the Fed wants. Giving it more reason to raise interest rates this year. The biggest worry for investors right now remains the White House's new threat to impose an additional $100 billion in tariffs on many Chinese imports.
>> Really, people are trading and investors are reacting to what Trump and Chinese officals are saying and what appears to be an escalating trade dispute, if not an outright trade war yet.>> A rocky US stock market will get anohter test next week as quarterly earnings start pouring in.
Investors hoping Trump's tax reforms will mean strong earnings.