FIRST AIRED: April 9, 2018

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> An alleged gas attack against rebel held land in Syria on Sunday elicited a fierce response from US President Donald Trump. Trump taking the rare step of directly criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin for the incidents while referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as Animal Assad.
And warning the two allies that there will be a big price to pay for the attack. Reuters correspondent David Shepardson.>> It's seems like the most likely direct response would be another missile strike. Certainly, the administration has a lot of potential targets that could be much broader than what it opted to attack last year.
>> Last year, Trump authorized a cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase days after a sarin gas attack on civilians. Tom Bossert, Trump's Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor, told ABC's, This Week, the White House would not rule out launching another missile attack. But diplomatic talks may also be on the table.
The alleged chemical attack comes after Trump last week said he wanted to bring home the 2,000 US troops on the ground in Syria.>> Remember, President Trump entered office wanting to withdraw from many of the foreign conflicts the US has long been involved in. So they’ve never taken talks with Syria off the table and the fact that he publicly was talking about withdrawing troops suggest that there maybe some appetite on the part of the administration to find some other solution.
But it's clear today, the administration is sending a signal for the UN and the President himself that there is gonna be some US response.>> Trump had previously scheduled a meeting at the White House on Monday with senior military leaders. New National Security Adviser John Bolton, a hard charging former UN Ambassador officially begins on Monday.
Last year, Bolton praised Trump's missile response to Syria.