FIRST AIRED: April 2, 2018

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>> Ethan Couch, the Texas teenager whose affluenza defense in a deadly drunk driving case made headlines worldwide, was released from jail on Monday. Couch served nearly two years behind bars for violating a ten year probation sentence, for killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. A short time into that sentence, which critics decried as too lenient, a social media video surfaced that showed him in possible violation of his drug and drink-free probation.
He and his mother then fled to Mexico where the two were later apprehended and deported. Couch was 16 when he struck and killed four people with his pickup truck. He had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit for an adult. Prosecutors in the 2013 trial wanted jail time for Couch, but his lawyers successfully argued that his wealthy upbringing impaired his ability to tell right from wrong, describing Couch as suffering from affluenza.
A psychologist who testified on Couch's behalf in the trial said it was an affliction brought on from being spoiled by his parents and had skewed his moral compass. It was not clear where Couch will go after his release. His mother is in jail for violating the terms of her bond after being charged with helping her son escape punishment.
Couch was released a few days before his 21st birthday. The county sheriff's office said he'll remain under strict probation supervision.>> Ethan, you have anything to say?