FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2016

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>> Then Mr. Trump attacks women.>> Two GOP Senators in tight races to very different approaches to the specter, looming at the top of the ticket. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, playing nice with Donald Trump. Arizona Senator John McCain keeping his distance. Who played it right may explain which party controls the US Senate.
Reuters correspondent Andy Sullivan in Washington says Trump's vow early on to deport illegal immigrants kicked off tensions with McCain.>> McCain took exception to that language. Trump responded by making fun of his prisoner of war records saying he preferred veterans who hadn't been captured. McCain had been keeping his distance ever since but when the Access Hollywood tape came out in October, showing Trump talking about groping for women, McCain was done.
He said, forget it, I'm not endorsing this guy.>> In contrast, Marco Rubio, a bitter rival to Trump for the GOP's nomination, is voting for Trump, doing a 180 from the primaries.>> Friends do not let friends vote for con artists.>> To now.>> We have to make sure that Donald wins this election.
>> And the game isn't limited to McCain and Rubio.>> You've got Rob Portman running for re-election for Senate in Ohio. He looks like he's doing very well there. Again, it's a tight state for Trump and it looks like Portman will easily win re-election. Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire is another one who's distance herself from Trump in the wake of that Access Hollywood groping tape.
It looks like she is gonna have a very tough fight for re-election, again, that's another battleground state. And finally, you have Joe Heck running for senate in Nevada. He distance himself from Trump but he has been sharply criticized by Republicans in his party for doing so. It appears he may actually pay a price, lower support among his Republicans in his senate bid.
>> Democrats need to flip five seats to ensure control of the senate.