FIRST AIRED: November 14, 2016

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>> The resident living in rebel-held Aleppo, has told us they're bracing themselves for heavy battle. People in the east of the city have received a stark warning from the regime via text message. They've been told to prepare for the city to be bombarded, and they've got 24 hours to evacuate.
We spoke to Ishmael Alabdulah in the East of the City. He used to be a teacher. Now he helps to save lives. He says over 200,000 civilians are trapped.>> People, they have no choice, and there are no safe carriages for them to leave. They sent this message for the people, and there's no road, no one of the civilians can leave the city because there is no road.
And even anyone who will try to get to that road that
]. There are many snipers and they will shoot him immediately.>> Syria's second city Aleppo is the most intense front in the war. It's been divided for years between the government held west and the rebel held east.
Last month, the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, said cleaning Aleppo to push the terrorists back to Turkey was the only option for the city. Government forces launched a major Russian backed assault on the east in September, after besieging the area. Residents there say they're worried it's about to be flattened.
Is appealing for the international community to intervene.>> There is threat. They will kill everyone in Aleppo city. And we are human beings, that we are living here, and city has become. Nearly everyone in Aleppo city will get killed. The situation is going to be worse and worse and worse.
And you need to do something.>> A major rebel counterattack has largely failed. And the army and its allies are steadily advancing on the western outskirts.