FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2016

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>> Floridians heading to the polls, some with their kids in tow. The largest of the battleground states and the scene of the fiercest get out the vote operations. With Reuters polling showing Florida still too close to call, both sides know that it'll all come down to turnout. Edward White didn't vote in 2012, but he felt he needed to this time.
>> Just the fear mongering of Donald Trump and something. Even though I don't necessarily agree with Hillary, I felt like I needed to vote for her just so that he didn't win.
But at another polling station North of Miami, some Trump supporters looking for change.>> Trump, looking to drain the swamp in Washington DC.
>> Half of Florida voters have already cast their ballots by Sunday and those results show more early votes by registered Democrats than Republicans. But in true Florida fashion, by only a very slim margin, much of that propelled by a bump in Latino voters. Reuter's Luciana Lopez is in Miami.
>> So Steve Schale, who is a Democratic strategist and an expert on Florida, noted that the surge in Hispanic voters could be very good news for Hillary Clinton. Trump has had a really bad relationship with Latinos and Hispanics pretty much since he kicked off his campaign calling a number of Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers.
So if that Hispanic surge holds and if those voters do, as the poll suggests, overwhelmingly vote for Clinton, that could give her that margin she needs in Florida which could be as razor thin as under 1% to win the state.>> The stakes couldn't be higher for Trump in Florida.
If he loses the state and also loses either Michigan or Pennsylvania, two traditionally blue states, it might be impossible for him to assemble 270 electoral votes. Clinton, on the other hand, can lose Florida and still win the White House. The polls close in part of the state at 7 PM Eastern.
Florida's panhandle closes at 8 PM Eastern time.