FIRST AIRED: November 12, 2016

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] future, thank you sir.>> Mr. President.>> Now that Donald Trump is preparing to take over the Oval Office, all eyes on his campaign bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who famously never got along with Barack Obama, but who has signaled his approval of Trump, with Trump returning the favor.
>> Wouldn't it be nice if we could get along actually with other countries, wouldn't it be nice?>> Foreign policy reporter, Warren Strobel.>> Donald Trump during the campaign said a lot of nice things about Russia and about Vladimir Putin. A couple of things that really worried European allies.
Suggesting for example, that the NATO Self Defense Pledge might not be necessary, and he also suggested that he would recognize Putin's annexation of Crimea. Putin has said some nice things about Trump, but I think what we need to find out is whether those nice words are actually gonna lead to a transformed US Russia relationship.
>> On Thursday, Russia raising eyebrows by admitting the Kremlin had been in touch with the campaign before the election.>> So if this chumminess turns into a real detente, I think that would cause deep concern in both Western and Eastern Europe, which have long relied on the United States for their security.
But in the long run, one could actually see a fair bit of danger of miscalculation, even confrontation.>> Some observers now wondering if the similarities between the two aggressive, independent and sometimes antagonistic leaders might lead to trouble.>> Two alpha males in the same room and they are also people who have a reputation for A, being kind of thin skinned, never letting a slight pass and taking things personally.
Now suppose Putin tries to push buttons in Syria or Ukraine or elsewhere, Trump is unlikely to respond very well to that.>> Putin has already said he'd like to quote restore relations with the United States. But Strobel says that should be taken with a grain of salt.>> For Putin it has to be renormalization on his terms and he's got a long laundry list of things he wants.
He wants the Ukraine sanctions lifted, he wants to be recompensated for the cost of those sanctions. He wants NATO to reduce its troops in Eastern Europe.>> And it's unclear whether they can work together on the ongoing civil war in Syria, as Trump said they could.>> Good night.