FIRST AIRED: November 18, 2016

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>> I am convinced that Mr. Trump is a leader with whom I can have great confidence in.>> Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, on Thursday becoming the first world leader to get a face to face meeting with President-Elect, Donald Trump. A hastily arranged tete-a-tete aimed at smoothing the waters with a key US partner after Trump and his campaign cast doubt on long standing alliances and norms.
Even suggesting Japan should acquire nuclear weapons. Foreign policy correspondent David Brunssum.>> Well I think that really Abe was looking for reassurance from the President-Elect because there was some alarm in Japan and elsewhere in Asia over some of the comments that soon to be President Trump made during campaign.
President-Elect Trump is concerned about insuring there's a fair deal for the United States in this arrangement.>> So as the outcome of today meeting and discussion I will use my conviction, that together with Mr. Trump, I will be able establish a relationship of trust.>> Not an awful lot is coming out, of the details of what was discussed, but I think it's reasonable to assume that there's gonna be quite a lot of hard bargaining ahead.
>> Abe saying he held candid talks with Trump in a warm atmosphere. The two differ sharply on the 12 nation TPP, Pacific Rim trade pact that Abe hammered out with President Barack Obama. But that Trump is widely expected to reject when he takes office. Also on the agenda, US armed forces based in Japan that Trump has suggested Japan should do more to pay for or face a possible withdrawal.
The haphazard nature of the meeting raising some eyebrows. Coming soon after a New York Times story suggesting the leaders of Britain and Egypt were forced to cold call Trump Tower to get a hearing with the President-Elect.