FIRST AIRED: November 15, 2016

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>> It's considered the world's first comprehensive climate agreement. And Donald Trump wants out. Reuters correspondent Valerie Volcavichi.>> A source who is working on international energy and climate issues for Trump's transition team, told me that Trump does intend to stick to his promise to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.
>> The accord which involves nearly 200 nations earned enough backing to come into force on November 4th, less than one week before the election. It sets forth goals for keeping global warming below two degrees Celsius, considered a safety threshold by scientists. And it's not easily undone.>> If a country wants to withdraw, it would take four years.
>> But the man who has called climate change a hoax maybe looking for a faster way. One method could be to withdraw from the broader United Nations framework convention on climate change.>> If he does that, the United States could be out of the entire thing within a year.
>> The US accounts are close to a fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions which scientists link to rising sea levels and heat waves.>> Look, a future construction worker, look.>> But Trump, elected on a campaign devout to bring back traditional fossil fuel jobs has viewed climate agreements as barriers to that pledge.
On Monday, President Obama addressed the agreement in his first press conference since Trump was elected.>> Do I think that this new administration will make some changes? Absolutely, but these international agreements, the tradition has been that you carry them forward.>> But he cautioned that the real power of the Paris Agreement comes through it's ability to check the fossil fuel ambitions of growing economies like India and China.
>> If they are pursuing the same kind of strategies that we did before we became more aware of the environment then, our kids will be choked off.>> Meanwhile, environmental advocates attended this year's UN climate talks in Morocco. Many openly wondered what, if any part of their agenda would be supported by the Trump White House.