FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2016

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>> Target one destroyed.>> Militias across the country anticipating a call to arms after the elections.>> Yeah.>> Adding even more anxiety to the Presidential race. But at a Buffalo Wild Wings outside Cincinnati Walt Sims, the founder of the Last Ohio Militia. Says his group is not your government hating band of right wing radicals.
And is urging calm rather than predicting catastrophe like some other militias he's encountered.>> Most of them we just didn't like. They were either too militant or too secret squirrel. We use the term tinfoil hat. We wanted to take the name back from the fringe element. We want the militia to be a good term again.
It's had some bad people who have used the name and sort of twisted it to their own ends.>> They're really loud on the internet, but in real life, not so much.>> We still wanna pay taxes, we still need roads and hospitals, we fully support that.>> They may all drink Mountain Dew instead of moonshine, but the Last Ohio Militia still walk and talk like your typical militia group.
They have target practice in the woods, they're very conservative, and they're voting like the average militia man, for the most part.>> I'm supporting Donald Trump.>> Are you also?>> Yes.>> You don't like->> I don't like him. I worked for him in the past. I used to work at one of his casinos.
Richard Dame is the co-founder of the Last Ohio Militia. He said he was voting for Trump but wasn't happy about it.>> He's kinda arrogant and he's kinda that spoiled rich kid, and he's not my first pick for president.>> While Walt and Richard are prepared for the worst, they don't see unrest occurring on November 9th.
>> I know a lot of people when Obama got elected, everybody kinda wigged out a little. And it was bad but America keeps going.>> For guys like us, we will never fire the first shot. Tomorrow the sun's gonna rise and we're gonna survive.