FIRST AIRED: November 21, 2016

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>> It's been 11 long years of negotiations with the EU, and now Turkey's hinting that it may not need them after all.>>
> President Tayyip Erdogan saying on Sunday he's not desperate to join the block. Reuters bureau chief in Istanbul, Nick Tattersall, says Turkey may have a more enticing option, the Shanghai Five, a security block dominated by China, Russia and central Asian nations.
>> Well these comments come at a time when there's a lot of frustration, both within presidency and government but more widely in Turkey against the West. Against Europe because Turkey feels like it's been kept at the door for the last 11 years and it's getting nothing but criticism over its rights records.
Against the United States because it feels like it's been ignored over policy in Syria. Erdogan's comments about the Shanghai Five, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, come very much in that context.>> Erdogan said Turkey would be able to act with greater ease in the Shanghai Five but a fully fledged membership would likely alarm western allies and fellow NATO members.
>> That leaves Europe with somewhat of a problem. It has less leverage over Turkey when it comes to issues such as human rights, basic freedom. There's also a concern from a military point of view. While the SCO may not be technically a military alliance, NATO members would be concerned that increased security operation between Turkey and China and its allies, would potentially be a threat to the security of NATO.
>> The sentiment isn't a huge surprise, Turkey's been expressing its exasperation with EU leaders for years. But logistically it's not going to be that easy to abandon. Despite frustrations, the EU is one of its major trading partners, and Turkey is reliant on NATO at a time where it faces conflict at home and at its borders.