FIRST AIRED: November 10, 2016

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>> Anti-Trump protests across the US on Wednesday night, a full on riot breaking out at a rally in Oakland. Bottles, rocks and firecrackers lobbed at police, who hit back with tear gas. Trash cans set on fire and shop windows smashed, hundreds of people shouting anti-Trump chants, raging against the outcome of the US election.
And blasting their future leader's controversial comments on immigrants, muslims, and other minority groups. Photographer Noah Berger reports from the scene.>> It started with a 1000 to 1500 protesters marching peacefully but angrily through the streets. They were occupying four lanes of traffic for multiple blocks. They did that for an hour or so and then started turning violent.
Multiple police cars vandalized in front of Uber's new office. An AT&T U-verse utility van set on fire, many, many windows smashed including a RadioShack that was trashed. A lot of graffiti including, kill Trump. There have been multiple arrests.>> On the East Coast, thousands of New Yorkers taking their anger literally to Trump's doorstep.
Protestors venting their frustration outside Trump Tower. Media reporting at least 15 arrests on the streets of Manhattan.>> We want them to know that. We're pissed. Like this is awful and even though we can't change anything, it feels good to stand together with my brothers, my sisters, these people that share my beliefs and let everyone know that we are not okay with this.
>> Marchers also out in force in L.A., Boston, Chicago, Austin and Portland among other cities. In Seattle, five people were wounded after a man fired shot into a crowd close to an anti-Trump rally. But police say, the violence stemmed from a personal fight and wasn't directly linked to the demonstration.
Trump may have vowed to be the president for all Americans in his acceptance speech on Wednesday. But a day later his called for nation to come together looks to have been drowned out by angry cries on streets across the nation.