FIRST AIRED: November 17, 2016

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>> After attending his rallies, watching him debate and casting their votes for him, some supporters of Donald Trump may be expecting the world from the President-Elect. But many of those who voted for Trump in Middleton, Ohio, don't expect him to keep all his campaign promises except for one, to revive their economy.
>> I never expected him to build the Great Wall of China across the borders of Mexico. I never felt that was really gonna happen. The country and I voted for him because he was not another, that he was somebody different, that he stood for something more.>> He's gonna make changes that are American-focused, that they are not about negotiating and power that they are really about, what to help with the effect on the American economy so that we put America first.
>> Reuters Political Correspondent John Whitesides.>> I think a lot of his appeal was that he is not a politician, he is a businessman who is coming into this fresh. And their hope was that he's gonna be able to blow the system up a little bit and change things, change anything really, a lot of people are desperate for that at this point.
And in particular create some jobs particularly in these hard hit manufacturing areas, these rust belt states where people feel like they've been left behind.>> Middleton is in Butler county where 62% of residents voted for Trump. Bobby Jewel who's been fixing up three main street properties in Middletown voted for Trump, hoping he could jump start economic growth and make these properties worth something.
>> Everybody's trying to get the economy back up. I mean, we need it badly, cuz they tore lot of places down, and everything's gone for a long time. There wasn't nothing in Middleton to do. So, hopefully with the new election, hopefully Trump can do something, you know.