FIRST AIRED: November 4, 2016

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>> A Trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving.>> If Donald Trump thinks Rust Belt voters in the industrial Midwest are a sure bet for him at the ballot box on Tuesday, he better think again. I'm campaign reporter Ginger Gibson in Washington, DC. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll is telling us that while Donald Trump thought his tough message on trade was going to rally voters in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.
Instead, they're telling us that they trust Hillary Clinton more to tackle the issue of foreign trade. Donald Trump has banked his campaign on winning some of these key Rust Belt states.>> The theft of American prosperity will end, and it'll end->> Trump would rip up most of the nation's foreign trade agreements, where Hillary Clinton would keep them in place and try to offer minor changes.
One of the reasons we're hearing from voters that they trust Clinton more than Trump is that they simply don't think Donald Trump is going to be able to deliver on some of his promises. They believe she would do a better job of interacting with foreign leaders. They think that the country would be better off figuring out a way to both create jobs in the United States, while also keeping access to these foreign markets open.
In talking to voters about the issue of trade, we heard from several that Donald Trump's message that there aren't enough jobs isn't resonating in places like Michigan and Ohio, where the unemployment rate is below the national average. One woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan said that she can't go anywhere without seeing help wanted signs, making her wonder what jobs exactly Trump is going to bring back.
In the final days of the campaign as Clinton and Trump make their closing arguments, the economy and jobs are going to be in the forefront of most voter's mind. But it's not the trade message it appears that's going to push him over the finish line in any of those Rust Belt states.