FIRST AIRED: November 5, 2016

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>> U.S. intelligence agencies are examining faked documents aimed at discrediting the Clinton campaign as part of a broader investigation into an alleged attempt by Russia to disrupt the presidential election. Democratic Senator Tom Carper providing the FBI with one such fake letter, seen here. Reuters correspondent, Mark Hosenball.>> The Carper letter was actually pretty sophisticated, it certainly did look a like congressional letter, really on his stationary.
The Carper letter talks about how there are potential problems with the voting machines and that Carper will do whatever he can to ensure that she wins the election whether the voting machines are tampered with or not.>> In addition to the Carper letter, sources say the FBI is also reviewing an allegedly fraudulent seven page electronic document that carries the logos of a Democratic polling firm and the Clinton Foundation.
That document claims poll ratings have plunged for Clinton and called for quote, severe strategy changes for November, that could include quote, staged civil unrest and radiological attacks with dirty bombs to disrupt the vote.>> The strategy paper seemed to incorporate, to me, conspiracy theories that are popular and current amongst what they call the alt-right, the far conservative movement in the United States.
>> Roger Stone, a former Trump aide and a Republican operative linked to a copy of the fake document on Twitter with the tag, quote, if this is real, OMG. Spreading an already common idea among Trump supporters that this election is rigged.