FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2016

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>> Few places in Mexico rely as heavily on trade with the United States as Nuevo Laredo, a feisty northeastern border town. But now people there worry that trade will be disrupted no matter who gets the White House. Reuters correspondent Gabriel Stargardter.>> Nuevo Laredo is one of the choke points for U.S-Mexico bilateral trade, particularly trucking trade.
$1.5 billion in trade crosses the border every day between Mexico and the United States, and 40% of that goes through Nuevo Laredo. Huge lines of trucks waiting to cross over the Rio Grande and into the United States, and vice versa into Mexico. So the anti-trade rhetoric that in some ways has come to dominate this U.S. election among other themes, has really scared the people there.
They're worried by candidate Trump's vow to build a border will, his vow to rip up NAFTA. They're also concerned by Hillary Clinton's slightly more protectionist views. Which have come both from influences within her own party, primary rival Bernie Sanders. But then also as a reaction to Trump who has vowed to punish U.S. companies that move jobs out to Mexico.
>> This bridge which connects Nuevo Laredo with Laredo, Texas is now the second most lucrative U.S. port after Long Beach, LA. Which is why Mexico's drug cartels have fought vicious battles to control the border town.>> Nuevo Laredo has always been a bootlegger's paradise. The U.S.-Mexico border has always been a place where illicit activities taken place, in recent years that has included lots of cartel activity.
When you consider that there are 12,500 trucks that cross the border in each direction every day. You can understand how easy it is for drugs to cross into the United States and guns and cash to flow back.>> And the drug trade is exactly what Donald Trump has focused on when it comes to Mexico.