FIRST AIRED: November 6, 2016

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In an election this polarizing, it can be hard to imagine anyone being an undecided voter. But in Sciotoville, Ohio, 67 year old Brandon Mac, a proud grandmother and an avid Buckeye's fan, has yet to settle on a candidate.>> I really haven't made up my mind.
>> No?>> No. Its just, it's hard. We've never had candidates like this running for president before. Never.>> We found Brenda cleaning her gutters on a sunny fall day. She lives alone. Her husband died 11 years ago. She attends church regularly and said she cared most about government support for Medicare and Syrian refugees.
>> What would we do if we were in there shoes? I mean, they bombed them. They have no homes or anything, or anywhere to go. And then the other nations, like Russia and them, they put up the walls where they won't let them in, and these are people just like us.
Donald Trump wants to build the wall, doesn't want anybody in. The way he talks about going over there and just blowing them all up and everything, you know, I don't believe in that.>> Brenda preferred Clinton's immigration plan, but said the ongoing investigation into her private server was giving her pause.
>> It mainly has to do with the emails and things that are coming out. You know why bring them out now just before the election?>> Despite her reservations many of Brenda's beliefs tended to align with Clinton's.>> AK 47, why would a person need one?>> Mm-hm.
>> Really, why would a person need one except for the police.>> Brenda hasn't voted since the death of her husband but felt this time it was important.>> It's a big decision to make when you go and try and figure out who you gonna vote for, is it gonna be Clinton-
>> Uh-huh.>> Or is it gonna be Trump->> Uh-huh.>> And I guess I'll decide when I get there, make my decision at the last minute.