FIRST AIRED: November 15, 2016

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>> And I'm sorry, that we did not win this election.>> Desperate for new leadership after Hilary Clinton's loss, shell shocked Democrats are ramping the search for someone who can win over working class Americans. Party leaders rallying around Minnesota Congressman, Keith Ellison, who announced his candidacy for party chairman on Monday.
Ellison's emergence, signaling a move by the parties progressive wing to seize the reigns. Known as a champion of working families and income equality, Ellison, a stark departure from decades of more centrist control under the Clintons. He already has the firm support of superstars, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.
>> United States Government should use that power to create good jobs and to create a high road economy for all Americans.>> Political correspondent, Andy Sullivan.>> Ellison was a prominent supporter of Bernie Sanders in the primary. So that could endear him to the party's left wing and people who feel like they've been saddled with the Clintons for too long.
At the same time, he did come around, and he did support Clinton during the general election. He's not really a wild-eyed, crazy guy. He's a seasoned legislator. He comes across as calm and reasonable. So he would be a good bridge between the angry left wing of the party and the more centrist traditional aspects of it.
>> Minority leader, Harry Reed and New York Senator, Chuck Schumer are also among leaders backing Ellison.>> There's gonna be an enormous period of soul searching whether they should reach out to working class white people and other people who they didn't really target in this past election.>> Born and raised in Detroit, Ellison would bring a middle America perspective.
After hard hit voters in rust belt states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, cut their long ties to the party in droves. Ellison also uniquely positioned to counter Trump on a key campaign pledge.>> He's a Muslim, so he would really be a contrasting figure to Donald Trump and the Trump administration, and it would be a sign that the Democratic Party isn't backing off from its commitment multiculturalism in the face of a racially charged election.
>> Also in the running to lead the party, former presidential hopeful and Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley. New Hampshire, democratic party chairman, Ray Buckley and former Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman, Howard Dean. Dean arguing that Democrats should have a full time chair like the republicans. The new party chair selected by Democratic leaders across the country will replace Florida congress woman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
She resigned under pressure after stolen DNCE emails published by Wiki Leaks, showed supposedly neutral top party officials working against Sanders' bid for the White House.