FIRST AIRED: November 1, 2016

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> Clashes inching closer to Pakistan's capital city on Tuesday. Police firing tear gas into protesters, aiming to scatter hundreds marching on the road to Islamabad. Road blocks 20 deep tried to keep protesters out of town. Opposition leader Imran Khan leading the charge to unseat Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, a court greenlighting the former cricket star's plans to hold a mass rally in Islamabad on Wednesday.
He's vowing to paralyze the city and keep the government from working until Sharif resigns or submits to resignation. Khan has been pushing for the removal of Sharif over allegations of corruption linked to last April's Panama Papers leak. He spoke to Reuters from his home over the weekend, where he says the police have him under virtual house arrest.
>> He is answerable in a democracy. He is caught. He's caught red handed. He's got to answer. And the reason he's not answering is he knows he's guilty.>> Protestors trying to push past police since Monday seem to agree. Documents from the leak seemingly show the Prime Minister's daughter and two son's owning offshore holding companies in the British Virgin Isles, used to buy property in London.
That's not illegal in Pakistan. In fact, in May, Imran Khan himself admitted he used one to dodge British tax on a property sale. But Khan insists the Sharif family money was gained through corrupt means, an accusation that's tearing a rift in the country and pushing people out onto the streets.