FIRST AIRED: November 1, 2016

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>> Tens of thousands of drug addicts and few places to threat them in the Philippines. But coming soon, two massive new facilities paid for shadowy Chinese billionaire Huang Rulun. For the Philippines, Huang is more than just an investor. President Rodrigo Duterte is calling him a symbol of cozy new ties.
Reuters's Adam Jordan says the two met during Duterte's visit to Beijing last month.>> He had a private meeting in Beijing the day after Duterte said he wants to break ties basically with America over the criticism that he's received from them over his war on drugs. He has said that he will donate money to these two giants rehab facilities in the Philippines to help in this war on drugs.
Duterte has heralded this as something that represents and signifies how China is a friend, while the US is more willing just to criticize.>> The Philippines says it has about 70,000 drug addicts who need in house rehab, but government-run facilities can only handle about 5,000. Huang's two massive projects will be able to take in around four times that amount combined.
Not much is known about the project beyond that. The biggest question, what he gets out of it in return from Manilla.>> Huang also has interests in business. His company in China is a big property developer with hotels, and complexes, and shopping malls around the country, and he has interest in the Philippines in terms of building a business hub as well as a tourism complex, and being seen in the good graces of the president certainly can't hurt his chances.
Duterte has praised Beijing for throwing its support behind his war on drugs, saying quote this is how you treat your friends, you don't go about reprimanding. At least 2,300 people have died in his anti narcotics crack down.